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"Contrary to popular belief I know exactly what i’m doing…
—- To an extent of course.”

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"I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world."

Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles (via ignatiius)
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He’s fucked now… [x]

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send me a ✄ for my character’s reaction to yours walking in on them in the middle of killing someone.

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Into the Woods starter sentence meme: act 1!


  • "What are you doing with a cow inside the house?"
  • "It’s not for me, it’s for my granny in the woods: a loaf of bread, please."
  • "I sort of hate to ask it, but do you have a basket?"
  • "You can let me have the baby that your wife will bear… and we’ll call it square."
  • "Your father cried! Your mother died! For extra measure, I admit it was a pleasure!"
  • "To wish and wait from day to day will never keep the wolves away."
  • "No, the spell is on my house. Only I can lift the spell!"
  • "But child, specify! Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, and good fortune, like bad, can befall when least expected."
  • "When first I appear I seem mysterious, but when explained I’m nothing serious."
  • "Hello little girl! What’s your rush? You’re missing all the flowers!"
  • "Mother said straight ahead, not to delay or be mislead!"
  • "I guess this goodbye old pal; you’ve been a perfect friend."
  • "If you know what you want, then you go and you find it and you get it."
  • "If the end is right, it justifies the beans!"
  • "Rapunzel, Rapunzel! What kind of a name is that?"
  • "I’d rather a wolf than you any day!"
  • "What kind of a hunter are you?"
  • "I should have heeded her advice! But he seemed so nice…"
  • "If a prince were looking for me, I certainly wouldn’t hide."
  • "There are big tall terrible giants in the sky!"
  • "You are everything maidens could wish for!"
  • "What’s as intriguing or half so fatiguing as what’s out of reach?"
  • "Have you encountered a boy with carrot-top hair and a sunny, though occasionally vague disposition, answering to the name of Jack?"
  • "My goodness, you do take plenty of spills, don’t you."
  • "…Perhaps it will take the two of us to get this child."
  • "No person with a brain larger than this is going to exchange a cow for a bean."
  • "Just two days ago you were accusing me of exercising deceit in securing the cow!"
  • "Why could you not obey? Children should listen!"
  • "It was lonely atop that tower!"
  • "Who out there could love you more than I?"
  • "I don’t believe that egg came from that hen."
  • "Knowing this time I’d run from him, he spread pitch on the stairs. And I thought ‘well, he cares.’"
  • "We have nothing to discuss, you have attacked me once before!"
  • "Please, I need that shoe to have a child!"
  • "There’s a dead giant in my backyard!"
  • "Of course I’d prefer a live one! So bring me the dead one and I’ll bring her back to life!"
  • "…I was going to come fetch you just as soon as you learned your lesson!"
  • "You are the only family I know. Come with me. Please."
  • "I didn’t think we could be so happy!"
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send me one for my muse's reaction

"Are we really doing this?"
"Are you doing this to upset me?"
"Friends don't look at each other like that."
"Give me a chance."
"I am not doing that."
"I can prove you wrong."
"I can show you the world."
"I did a bad thing."
"I don't want to love you, but I do."
"I missed you."
"I regret last night."
"I think we can pull through."
"I think you need to get in my bed. Now."
"I thought you were gone forever."
"I want you naked. Now."
"I'm a bad person."
"I'm breaking up with you."
"I'm not who you think I am."
"I'm pregnant."
"If you and I were the only two people alive on the planet, I still wouldn't have sex you."
"Marry me?"
"Please, don't do this."
"Stop yelling at me."
"That outfit would look better on my bedroom floor."
"There is no one I hate more than you."
"This is not fair."
"This is not the time nor place."
"We are not getting a pet."
"We can't do this anymore."
"What are you doing?"
"Who do you think you are?"
"Why are you doing this to me?"
"Why aren't you answering my calls?"
"You shouldn't have done that."
"You'll regret this."
"You're being inappropriate."
"You're the one person I actually trust."
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When you do something wrong and your mom walks in with that stare

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Zankyou no Terror | My favorite scene in episode 2

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Sick Day [Starter Sentences]

"Are you feeling alright?"
"Are you sick?"
"Do you want me to pick up medicine?"
"Do you want soup?"
"Have you eaten anything?"
"I'm sick."
"I am not sick!"
"I can't be sick today!"
"I love you, but I don't care what you say; you're sick and you're staying home."
"I don't get sick."
"Just stay home, one day can't hurt."
"Stop denying that you're sick, it happens to everyone."
"You don't look too good."
"You look sick."
"You should probably go lie down."
"Your temperature is super high."
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Send me a ۵ and my character will react to having your character come up behind them and start kissing their shoulder up their neck.

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securisx said:




It was needless to say that Bolest wasn’t expecting to find Johanna curled up on her couch, holding on to her jacket.

Her good jacket.

Her only jacket.

"Johanna….Johanna get up goddamnit!" She yelled, hoping it would wake the other woman up. 


"Get off my couch… and give my jumper back." She replied loudly, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently. 

Johanna made a loud huffing noise as she pressed her face back into the jumped. “But I don’t wana…” She wined. It was unusal that Jo was comfortable and when she was it took convincing to get her to move again. 

"Don’t care. Move now. Give it back." The other commanded, glaring down at the other woman. "This is the 10th floor of this apartment complex, do not make me throw you out of the window." Bolest sighed irritably. 

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